Hi Mamas!

I can’t believe fall is almost here! If you haven’t heard I’m personally super stoked about the maternity clothing we have for the colder months and I’m literally jumping up and down every day hoping that one of these courier guys will ring on my doorbell so that we can get our inventory in and I can get these pieces rented out to you ASAP!

If you’re reading this, go check out our website because we have some fall stuff in and available to rent now!! We were initially going to wait to receive all our fall pieces in first before opening them up for rent but a lot of you having been messaging asking when you can start renting warmer pieces so we’re just going to open it up now. Whatever we receive, we’ll just quickly upload on the website asap for you so you don’t have to wait!

By the way, I love that you guys just directly message us on Instagram and facebook (and I hope it doesn’t creep you out that I stalk all of you on Instagram). So many of you provide your feedback on our stories and posts and even my blog posts (I don’t even know if people read my ramblings) – you sure know how to give love and encourage me! Thank you thank you!

Anyways, I was messaging one of our Sprout customers over the weekend and she gave me a great suggestion and that is to share my post partum experience with respect to what products to buy and what to do for yourself after delivery. I thought that was a fantastic idea and so here it is! I just want to share what self-care tips and tricks I’ve learned post delivery and all the products you should/could buy!

I’ll share what you need to buy for baby in a separate blog post!

Warning: long post ahead! Just skip down to the end for updates on Sprout Collection if you want =)


Okay these first few ones are really self-care activities you do for yourself PRE-delivery but only because they help you so much and save you so much time post-delivery because no surprise you’ll barely have time to brush your teeth every morning once you have a new born to deal with!


Book your hair appointment a few weeks before delivery to do whatever you need to do because trust me you won’t have time to even brush your hair when baby arrives! I always get my hair bleached blonde ombre for the summer and it literally takes me 6 hours at the salon to achieve the blonde lightness that I want so I knew I had to do it before baby arrived. In addition (and this is totally personal preference) I was so annoyed having to deal with long hair and washing and drying it and curling it when Georgia arrived that when she turned 3 weeks, I booked another hair appointment and chopped my hair into a lob. Best. Decision. Ever. I LOVE my mom cut. So easy to maintain and style – and it’s such a great way to freshen up my look after feeling so blah for 9 months!


I have no eyebrows. It’s an Asian curse maybe – I don’t know. But ever since my friend laughed at me for being unable to emote with brows back in high school I never step out of the house without drawing them on and you know eyebrows are THE defining features of your face right? Anyways, drawing my brows takes me 10 minutes a day, 70 minutes a week, 3640 minutes (or 60 hours) a year. That’s way too much time to be spending on brows. So I got my brows microshaded and now I wake up, put on some chap stick and I’m ready to go.


I got lash extensions and a wax because .. obvious yes?


If you’re planning on a natural birth, you need this to ease the pain when you pee! You fill it with warm water instead of using toilet paper. The hospital gave me a couple of bottles so naturally I took them home with me but you can buy it off amazon! Any cheap one will do. Also if you’re a first time mom like me and you’re like “it’s been 2 days after birth and I feel no pain this childbirth thing is easy”. Trust me. You’re being complacent. It’s the epidural talking and once it wears off in a couple more days you’ll be singing a different tune.


I never used these but apparently these are cooling pads with witch hazel extract in them to ease the pain down there!


Hospital will give you some after the birth. And if you’re like me asking why do I need these when the nurse handed them over to me – see previous blog post about how the baby’s house comes out of you for the next 6 weeks. Anyways, just keep asking your nurse for more and bring them home! But buy DEPENDS and bring to the hospital with you. Forget panties and maxi pads. Who needs those when you can just wear Depends 24/7?! Just pull on and go! I lived in them exclusively for a month no joke!


I didn’t buy one but so many of my friends said it was such a relief for them and you can get a cheap one on amazon or bed bath and beyond! Bring it with you to the hospital because you may need it ASAP if you know what I mean.


Just buy a huge bottle from Shoppers for your sitz bath. And just to pamper yourself, get some lavender essential oils from Sage.


I got this just to shape my tummy back a little faster. I’m not so sure it worked to be honest because I think breastfeeding burns lots of calories anyways but many people say they love it so no harm giving it a try.


Josh and I debated over this for days leading up to delivery. We both thought it was a bit of an extravagance and we thought it would be enough with my mom being here to help me out for a month (she flew in all the way from Singapore – tear*). Well, we came home on Tuesday, spent two nights at home with Georgia and by Thursday we hired a night nurse and can I say that was the best decision for us and our sanity!! If you want me to share more about my experience with a night nurse let me know and I can do this as a separate blog post!


Prepare meals and freeze them prior to delivery so that you can easily warm them up after delivery. You won’t have time to cook!! Get your mom/friends/family to drop by and bring food for you or help clean up your house or watch the baby for a few hours while you take a shower or take a nap. Don’t refuse help; you need it!



Okay I did tonnes of research and My Brest Friend is THE BEST one out there. You can get it off amazon or bed bath and beyond. Invest in a good pillow because you’ll be doing loads of breastfeeding and you want to be comfy and you want to be able to wash the vomit off the covers from time to time. Bring it with you to the hospital because you’ll be doing lots of breastfeeding in there too.


Your boobs are going to be leaking all the freaking time the first few weeks when they are engorged. And then even when they’ve regulated themselves, they are still going to leak when you experience a let down (google it) until you stop breastfeeding for good. I got disposable ones from Medela (so easy for when you’re travelling and don’t want to do laundry) and washable ones from Bamboobies. They’re super soft and made from eco-friendly bamboo rayon.


If you’re a first time mom, breastfeeding won’t be pleasant. I use Lansinoh cream to prevent cracked and dry nips.


I use the Medela Pump in Style which comes with a battery pack which is great if you want to pump on the go. It works great for me. I recommend bringing it with you to the hospital so that the lactation consultant there can show you how to use it if you’re a first time mom. It’s a bit pricey but I think it’s good to invest in a good breast pump anyways.

I also got the Haakaa silicon breast pump which is a life saver! In your first few weeks you’re just a walking leaky milky machine so why not take advantage of that! When you’re breastfeeding on one boob, the other boob will just leak so just stick the Haakaa on the other boob and collect the milk and freeze it for a rainy day.


This is a must if you want to breastfeed, especially in public. I love the Yoga Nursing Bra. It’s like a sports bra, no underwire and super comfy. You can get them at Snugglebugz but honestly just get any nursing bra as long as it’s comfy and has no underwire.


RENT FROM US! I can’t wear 70% of my usual clothes because they aren’t nursing friendly which really sucks and after being pregnant for 9 months, the last thing I want to do is NOT wear my regular clothes (argh). So having nice nursing wear is a fine compromise I guess. And did I mention we rent nursing wear.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably going to be nursing in the Fall/Winter and it’s not ideal to have to pull up your chunky knit sweater to feed your baby.
Rent. From. Us. Seriously though. We’ve got nursing stuff coming in for the colder season. We’ve got some cute knit sweater nursing options. Okay I’ll stop. But rent from us.


There’s so many on the market and honestly don’t feel like you have to stick to one. If you don’t like it, try something else. There’s nothing more annoying having to battle a squirmy infant, trying not to flash your boobs to the public and trying to hold a floppy cover open at the top with one hand because you need to see your baby all at the same time. I bought so many until I settled on the Booby Trapper. It’s got this wire at the top that doesn’t allow the top of the cover to sag or be floppy, therefore allowing you to actually see what’s going on underneath without having to actually pull at the cover, and it also provides extra coverage along the sides.


Chances are you may not be able to fit into your old pyjamas after delivery so buy a couple of comfy robes for bed because they’ll be really handy for breastfeeding anyways.


Last but not least, get yourself an amazon prime membership!! It’s so worth it. I can’t tell you how many times it has saved my a**. You literally buy something online and it arrives next day. It’s so helpful when you’ve unexpectedly ran out of diaper cream, or you realize you’re tired of washing the same two nursing bras and you really want ten. We subscribe to a bunch of items so we get Georgia’s products shipped to our door every month such as her diapers and wipes – it’s the best!

Hope you found this list helpful!

Oh and remember, we’re running a 20% off special on your first box if you sign up with us today! Just because you’re pregnant or have just given birth doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look and feel great. Rent with Sprout and elevate your mood, empower yourself and enhance your wardrobe. Thanks for reading Sprout Mamas. Until next time.