I rate Tokyo a 6/10 for baby friendliness and a 10/10 as a travel destination. Definitely bring an umbrella stroller or you won’t fit anywhere! Most places aren’t baby friendly so if you’re eating at a restaurant and your babe has a poop explosion – good luck. You’ll have to hope that a shopping mall is close by so that you can run to their bathroom and change her/his diaper. Shopping malls though are super baby friendly. When the Japanese put their mind to something, they go way above and beyond. If you’ve seen my travel stories on instagram you’ll know what I’m talking about. They have baby activity centres in shopping malls that have hot water dispensers, washing sink and detergent, a microwave, sofas, nursing cubicles and a bookshelf stocked with baby books!

We spent 5 days in Tokyo and I think it was just nice. We visited Ginza, Roppongi (the Mori Art Museum is a must!), Shibuya, the Harajuku district, Akihabara and the Meiji Shrine. The famous Tsukiji fish market closed last year and has been relocated but the outside market is still amazing for walking around and for finding delish food!

The view from the top of the Mori Art Museum!