• $99/month – 6 month subscription plan
• $119/month – 3 month subscription plan
• $139/month – month to month cancel anytime plan.

Good news! You can sign up for our month-to-month subscription plan and if you do like it (which we know you will) then you can change your subscription plan to a 3 or 6 month plan and we will adjust your pricing accordingly for the ensuing months.

Month-to-month subscribers may change anytime to a 3 or 6 month plan. 3 month subscribers may change their subscription to a 6 month plan.

Simply log in to your account and select the “Change subscription” option to change your subscription plan.

Any difference in pricing will be adjusted accordingly for the ensuing months.

If you are placed on a waitlist, it means that our subscription is full at the moment. We can only support a limited number of subscribers at any one time to ensure that all subscribers get the best experience and have the most available inventory to choose from. As our collection grows and/or spots open up, we will contact the sprouting mamas who are next in line to complete their registration and choose their first box.

We’d hate to see you leave, but subscribers on a month-to-month subscription can cancel anytime by logging into their account and selecting the cancellation option. We highly encourage you do so at least 1 week before your next billing or return date, so that we can ensure all items are back at our warehouse before then. Kindly note that the minimum subscription term is 1 month, with no pro-rated refund for unused periods of any month.

If you are on a 3 or 6 month plan and you wish to cancel, please email us at info@sproutcollection.com. You will be charged the lesser of (i) $200 cancellation fee or (ii) the balance of your subscription fee calculated as of the date of cancellation. All charges are exclusive of H.S.T.

Upon cancellation or expiration of your subscription, an additional charge of one month’s fee will be charged to your provided card. We need to charge this fee as it acts as a deposit for the pieces that remain on loan to you and this will be refunded back to you once your final items are returned back to our inventory undamaged.

Items are considered returned to inventory immediately after being dry cleaned and inspected by our teams for damage. Typically the turnaround time for dry cleaning and inspection is 3 working days following the arrival of your box from Canada Post at our warehouse.

Please note that pieces returned to us late or damaged will incur penalty charges that will be deducted from this held fee as per our terms and conditions.

My Sprout Box

You are encouraged to pick out your first box as soon as you sign up as the rental period starts running the day you register and pay for your subscription package.

• Select 4 items and add them to your shopping bag.

• Click confirm shipment in your shopping bag when you’re happy with your selections.

• When you see items you love, heart it! This will keep a wish list of your favorites that you can refer to for future box shipments.

We do our best to ensure your clothes arrive wrinkle-free. Each piece is steamed and pressed before shipment. If you receive an item with slight creases, please try steaming (no ironing!) the garment on low heat or contact us at customerservice@sproutcollection.com for advice.

Yes! We leave the tags on to show you that your item is either brand new or has been dry cleaned but please remove the tags before wearing them.

No, we do not allow alterations on any of our items. If need be, you can temporarily “hem” your dress with Hollywood Temporary Hem Tape Strips, provided you remove them prior to sending it back.

We take care of the cleaning so you don’t have to! We strongly recommend customers not to clean the garments themselves as you are responsible for any damage that might occur during such cleaning.

No, we currently do not facilitate partial returns. All currently rented items must be returned in order to confirm shipment of your next box.

Accidents happen! That’s why we have a team of seamstresses and spotters on duty to handle minor wear and tear (such as a lost button or minor stain that can be easily cleaned). However, for significant damage, large rips, messy stains that do not come out, lost items and theft, we will have to charge a damage fee.

Depending on the severity of the damage, we may charge up to 200% of the retail price of the items as a deterrent to customers who do not treat our items with care. We realize that this fee seems high, but when an item needs to be pulled from our inventory and can no longer be rented out, this hurts us as well as our customers.  It is a loss to us in terms of future profits and in the cost we required to re purchase the piece and it also hurts our customers as there is less inventory available for them to select from.  Please take a minute to review our full terms and conditions here.

Yes, as long as you have not yet confirmed shipment of the items in your shopping bag.

We are currently a subscription-only service but we are working on providing purchasing ability for our subscribers at a members-only discount so stay tuned for more updates.


Most maternity designs go by your pre-pregnancy size. Some styles that are found in our collection are not made for maternity but have certain characteristics that work for expectant women. For such pieces, consider sizing up by one or two sizes, depending on your trimester and how other clothes are fitting. If you have questions about size or fit, you can reach out to us at customerservice@sproutcollection.com for assistance.

Maternity items vary by brands. We strongly recommend that you compare your own measurements against the item’s to get a sense of how the item will work on you!

If in doubt, feel free to order two different sizes of the same garment. Please note that if you do select two different sizes of the same garment, they will count as two selections in your box. If you still can’t decide and don’t want to order two of the same piece, please email us for assistance.

If you’ve ordered an item that doesn’t fit you well, you can order an additional replacement piece for an additional $25 by emailing us at customerservice@sproutcollection.com. The additional piece, along with the original piece that did not fit, must all be returned at the same time as the rest of the pieces ordered for that month.


When you first sign up, we will ask you to select the plan you wish to subscribe to and complete your profile and payment information online.

All plans (month to month, 3 month or 6 month plan) are chargeable on a 30 day cycle.

We will auto-charge your credit card on a 30 day billing cycle starting on the day you first sign up.

If you would like to order an additional 5th item to your box, you can! Simply check off the option when you are adding items to your cart and pick out a 5th item. A $25 fee + HST will be charged that month to your account.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping is FREE for Canadian domestic deliveries and returns. Simply use the pre-paid return label included in your box when you’re ready to return the items to us.

If you are in Toronto and place your order before 12 pm EST, you can expect to receive your box within 1-2 business days. If you are outside of Toronto but inside Ontario or Quebec and place your order by 12 pm EST, please allow 2 business days for shipping. If you are outside of Ontario or Quebec and place your order before 12 pm EST, please allow at least 5 business days for your order to be fulfilled, shipped and delivered. We partner with Canada Post and Purolator and always use expedited shipping to ensure your items are delivered with speed and on time but we unfortunately are not responsible for any delays that our shipping partners may experience on their end. If you have any questions or concerns about shipping times please email us and we would be happy to chat with you.

Your rental period coincides with your billing cycle.

If you first signed up on May 2nd, then your next billing cycle falls on June 1st (30 days after) and your return date is also June 1st.

We will prompt you a few days before the Return Date to return your items and pick out items for the next month.

Your next box can only be checked out and shipped when we receive confirmation from Canada Post that your current box has been dropped off for return.

Your return date is stated in your online invoice and coincides with your billing date. We utilize a 30 day billing cycle.

For example, if you first signed up on May 2nd, your next billing date is June 1st (30 days after). June 1st will also be your Return Date.

Your return date is stated in your online invoice and coincides with your billing date. We utilize a 30 day billing cycle.

For example, if you first signed up on May 2nd, your next billing date is June 1st (30 days after). June 1st will also be your Return Date.

Many Canada Post locations are open on Saturdays. If your Return Date falls on a Sunday or public holiday, please return the items on the next business day.

Absolutely. Kindly note that this does not accelerate the selection and shipment date for your next box of items.

We can only confirm shipment of the next box when we receive confirmation from Canada Post that your current box has been dropped off for return.

We currently ship within Canada only.

Yes you can! We are doing a trial for this option as it’s a great way for you to get your items right away.

Our main warehouse is located at 8403 Yonge Street unit #2 in Thornhill, Ontario and we are open from 10 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday.

If you do plan to drop your box off or pick your box up in person, please let us know so we can have it ready.

As an added incentive to pick up or drop off in person, we are giving anyone who uses this option $5 off their next box.

If you have any questions about this option please email us directly customerservice@sproutcollection.com

Late Fee Policy

We take pride in meeting and exceeding the expectations of all of our customers by providing an exceptional experience that begins with an on-time delivery. When an item is not returned to us on time by a customer, or is lost or stolen, it impacts our ability to deliver on our promises to other customers and it harms our business. We cannot purchase additional products to fulfill orders due to late returns. We rely on our customers to return our products on time so that we can ensure other customers will have their items. Please review our Late Fee Policy below which explains how to return your rental products and outlines the late fees charged for late returns.

The date to send back your rental items is stated in your online invoice and coincides with your billing cycle. We utilize a 30 day billing cycle. For example, if you first signed up on May 2nd, your next billing date is June 1st (30 days after). June 1st will also be your Return Date.

Send back the products you rented in the same box packaging that was delivered to you.

Returns must be dropped off at a Canada Post location by 12:00 pm EST on or before the Return Date specified in your order. This ensures that your package will be scanned by Canada Post by the next day and returned to Sprout on time.

Please note that you are liable for any late fees incurred, regardless of any third party involved with the return. Do not leave your rentals with any third party (hotel, mail room, friend) for return.

If you lose the box packaging, you are responsible for returning the item at your own expense by the expected return date, and providing Sprout with a tracking number. Returns should be sent to the following address:

Sprout Collection Ltd.
8403 Yonge Street, Unit #2
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
L3T 6R2

If you return your rental items late or do not return them at all, a late fee of $50 will immediately be charged to the credit card you used for the order (or to any other credit card included on your account). This late fee is in addition to the rental fee for the products.

If you have not returned a rental item within 10 days after the return date, your late return will be considered a non-return and Sprout will charge your credit card 200% of the full retail price of the items not returned, less the cost of the late fees incurred, plus applicable taxes.

Maternity and Beyond

Of course! Use us for as long as your body takes to adjust back into your regular clothes!

We sure do. Many of our clothes in our collection are nursing friendly.


We understand that accidents happen no matter how careful we are. If an item is damaged, stained or lost, which results in us being unable to rent it out to another Sprout customer, the default damage fee of 100% – 200% of the retail price will be charged, depending on the severity. However a $5 insurance per box would ensure you never have to pay more than the wholesale price (not the retail price) of the item, should it be damaged, lost or stolen.

Good question! We thought about this issue long and hard! We think it’s fair that if you’ve purchased insurance and you’ve unfortunately damaged the item beyond repair (i.e. another customer would not be happy to receive this garment), you only need to pay the amount that would cost us to replace the item, and not the retail price of the item. If an item is damaged and can no longer be rented out to other customers, a $5 insurance fee does not adequately cover the cost of us replacing the item. We also do not want to create the perception that customers no longer have to handle the garments with care and that they will have zero liability as long as the insurance is paid for.

Other companies charge an insurance premium that only covers minor wear and tear but you are still liable to pay the full retail price of the clothing (which could be astronomical) if the damage is irrepairable, even if you’ve purchased insurance! We don’t think that this type of insurance is of any benefit to the customer at all as you are still exposed to the risk of paying full retail prices.

Non Maternity Subscription Offering

Yes we will!

We are launching our designer everyday subscription rental wear for all women (bump not required) in the Fall of 2019! Sign up on our waitlist https://sproutcollection.com/rent-your-everyday-closet to get exclusive access to our latest offering and updates on our launch!

For further inquiries regarding our launch, please contact us at customerservice@sproutcollection.com.

We are opening up limited spots for our initial beta launch of our designer everyday (non-maternity) wear subscription rental service because we want to ensure we deliver the best experience for everyone. While we’ve been operating for a while now and we think we’ve managed to nail down most issues, as with every new launch, there are bound to be certain unforeseen issues that have to be resolved after the launch. As a result, we want to keep our initial subscriber list small for now so that we can attend to everyone’s needs in a personalized manner.

For further inquiries regarding our launch, please contact us at customerservice@sproutcollection.com