Our Story

Womanhood and motherhood are not mutually exclusive concepts. They are fluid and ever-changing. When women choose to have children, they don't need to compromise on their individuality and self-expression. But when our founder, Joyce, searched for maternity clothes that could adapt to her growing body and reflect her sartorial confidence and dynamic lifestyle without breaking the bank, she was sorely disappointed. And that is how the seed of Sprout Collection was first planted.

Our Philosophy

From one mother to another

Sprout mamas, let's face it. Maternity wear is often touted as the blackhole of fashion. High quality and well-designed maternity wear is also difficult to obtain and outrageously priced.

At Sprout Collection, we believe that a maternity closet should not only be luxurious, keep up with our diverse and fast-paced lifestyles but also be easily accessible by all women. That’s why we source all over the globe for a carefully curated collection just for you, serving up the perfect balance of luxe, functionality and individuality.

Enhance, Elevate, Empower

Step out of your comfort zone. No more hiding under baggy clothes that don’t fit because, let’s face it, having clothes that fit really make a difference when you step out the door for that important meeting or to run your weekend errands. We’re here to give you a boost and celebrate the changes you’re undergoing.

Be bold. Experiment with your fashion choices. Show us how you really feel on the outside and on the inside.

Join the Revolution of Sustainability

It’s not just your wallet that you’re saving. The average woman throws away 82 pounds of clothing per year. Every time you rent, you’re saving the environment by eliminating all the water, electricity and emissions used to manufacture a new piece of clothing.

Sprout sources for high quality pieces that can sustain long-term wear and usage unlike fast-fashion that falls apart easily and ends up quickly in landfills.

We ask our subscribers to please retain the box in which your clothes arrive so that you can re-use the same box packaging to return the items back to us.