If you’ve read the book/watched the movie let me correct some inaccuracies for you. Yes, Tyersall Park and the Botanical Gardens are real places but they are not some lush country estate owned by a Singaporean magnate; they are owned by the government. And no, no Singaporean would hold her wedding reception outdoors at Gardens by the Bay unless you want your hair and makeup to melt off and all your guests to die from either heat exhaustion or sweat and body odor poisoning. No, we don’t hang red gaudy chinese lanterns at our nuptials; only on Chinese New Year (really Jon Chu you should know this). The best food in Singapore costs no more than $5 and every Singaporean will tell you it’s blasphemy to suggest that anything other than Singapore food is the best cuisine in the world hands down, no question, “chop stamp confirm, don’t pray pray”. If you ever make a trip to Asia, stop by Singapore I promise you you will love it! It’s so beautiful, hi-tech, clean, and safe. A surprising juxtaposition of colonial old with the modern new. It really is one of THE best family travel destinations in the world. And the food is glorious. Can you tell I’m so happy to be home?? =)

Anyways, many of you have asked me to share Baby G’s day to day routine so here goes! I follow The Baby Whisperer E.A.S.Y. routine. I have to say that Baby G was not a great napper when she was younger. 70% of the time, she would wake up 30 minutes later like clockwork and refused to go back to sleep no matter what I do. I did everything I could, by the book, to try and get her to sleep the full 2 hour nap and stayed home with her for a few weeks and stuck to the routine to the “T” but she wouldn’t have any of it and it drove me absolutely mental and it definitely frustrated her too. Eventually I had to learn to let go a little and understand that every baby is different. What’s she’s great at though is that she sticks to her 7pm bedtime like clockwork so if she naps 2 – 3 times a day (no matter how long or short and no matter where) and she goes to bed at 7pm (ish), I consider that a great day.

Baby G’s Routine at 4 months

E – 7:00 – Eat. Wake up and feed
A – 7:30 – Activity (I play nursery rhymes for her, read her a book or two, 20 minutes of tummy time, morning stroll)
S – 9:00 – Sleep. 1 1/2 – 2 hr nap (I’d give anything to make baby nap this long but she only naps between 30 – 45 mins in the morning)
Y – Your time. Ya right. She’ll wake up around 10am. I usually just cart her around with me during this time. Grocery shopping, running to the store to pack boxes, meeting a friend for coffee etc.

E – 11:00 – Feed
A – 11:30 – Activity (I try to get her “educational activities” out of the way in the morning so that if I have to get out and do stuff I bring her along with me at this time and this is considered her activity time too)
S – 1:00 – 1 1/2 – 2 hr nap (I either come home so she can have a nap around this time or if I’m out I plan my long drives around this time so she naps in the car)
Y – I usually grab my lunch when she’s napping and if she’s napping really well I answer work emails during this time.

E – 2:30 – Feed
A – 3:00 – Activity (usually an afternoon stroll)
E – 4:30 – Feed (I modified the routine here where I would cluster feed in the late afternoon to tank her up before bed)
S – Catnap between 5 -6 pm (15 – 30 mins)
Y – I would catnap with her too or prep for dinner.

A – 6:15 – Bath time
E – 6:30 – Feed
S – 7:00 – Bedtime
Y – PARTY TIME!!!!!!!

E – 11:00 Dream Feed

Baby G’s Routine from 6 months (with solids)

E – 7:30 – Wake up, feed
A – 8:00 – Activity
E – 8:30 – Solids. Oatmeal or cereal with mashed up fruit. Keep in mind we started with really tiny portions in the beginning like 1 or 2 teaspoons per meal. Now she finishes an entire bowl LOL)
A – 9:00 – Activity (we’re so lucky that we’re living in Singapore at the moment and there’s a pool downstairs so she gets a dip every morning!)
S – 10:00 – Nap
Y – Me time

E – 11:30 – Feed
A – 12:00 – Activity
E – 12:30 – Solids. Mashed up veggies like squash and broccoli and steamed fish
A – 1pm – Activity
S – 2:00 – 1 1/2 – 2 hr nap
Y – Me time.

E – 4:00 – Feed
A – 4:30 – Activity
E – 5:30 – Solids (she’ll eat what she had for lunch)
A – 6:15 – Bath time
E – 6:30 – Feed
S – 7:00 – Bedtime

E – 11:00 Dream Feed (I just dropped the dream feed 1 week ago at 7 1/2 months).

p.s. Baby G’s blue floral overalls are custom made by Dreaming with Isa. She’s such a brilliant artist!! She sketches, draws and handpaints many of her designs and patterns and then the next thing you know she’s made a gorgeous sun dress for your baby in the most cutest patterns ever. They are the best baby gift too. My friend literally gave birth yesterday and I had custom ordered a pair of reversible overalls for her baby (see here) and she was so thrilled with it my heart just melted.