Hey there Sprout Mamas!

Last Friday, July 13th, was a special day because Sprout Collection turned 2 months and so did our baby girl, Georgia Rose! Both our Sprouts were born on May 13, 2018!

We can’t believe how fast time has flown by!

Many of our first subscribers may remember that our launch date was supposed to be way earlier than that as we had planned for that knowing that it would give us a few days to get the business up and running before Georgia arrived (her due date was May 5th).

However, due to website and technical glitches, the launch date kept getting pushed back and we were losing customers for every day that we were delayed as well as getting messages from people on our waitlist wondering what the heck was going on! In the meantime, Georgia was getting way too cozy and refused to come out! I was getting increasingly frustrated and worried on both fronts.

On May 12, at 1pm, we checked into Mount Sinai in Toronto to get induced. At that time, our website still wasn’t fully functional and the payment system was a disaster and I was stressed beyond belief AND very pregnant and so ready for Georgia to come out already.

While I was dealing with contractions for 32 hours (yes THIRTY TWO HOURS!), my husband, Josh, was furiously working away on his laptop, juggling phone calls with our web developers, and managing the demands of a very pregnant wife curled up in pain in the hospital bed. I bet the hospital staff thought he was the most uncaring father ever because every time they walked into our delivery room to check on me, he was always either on the phone or on his laptop and didn’t pay them any attention! LOL. But it was the complete opposite! He was scrambling like mad to get the business and website up and running before Georgia arrived so that I could have a stress-free delivery and wouldn’t have to worry about anything and could focus all our attention on her.

Yes I had an epidural! It was really funny actually because for the first 5 hours I thought I was having really bad cramps. Then the doctor came in and asked me how I felt and I asked him when would the contractions start because all I’m getting are very bad cramps. And he looked at me very intently and said “those are contractions”. Oops.

But make no mistake. Those were really painful and they got increasingly more painful as time went on. Just imagine the worst period cramp you’ve experienced in life ever and multiply that by five and they were coming every 1 – 2 mins apart! I tried to wait the epidural out but after about 10 hours of cramping/contracting I decided to just get on with it.

OMG. The pure relief when the epidural kicked in was amazing. I just want to say that it’s every mother’s choice whether they want to get an epidural or not. Unbeknownst to us, we had 22 more hours to go till I delivered so on hindsight it was a good thing I got the epidural because I don’t think I could have endured that pain for another 22 hours!

The whole experience was a bit of a blur to be honest! I just remember that there was a lot of counting. Counting the number of minutes between each contraction was no fun. But I remember we would do a little cheer every time we counted a new subscriber coming in and every time the doctor confirmed that my cervix had dilated by another centimetre.

Within hours of receiving our first Sprout subscribers, Georgia was born at 9:24pm on May 13, 2018.

I swear it was as if she knew. She knew we needed that extra day to get everything in order so she waited it out. 32 hours to be exact.

Looking back, these past two months have been an absolute crazy mess. There have been so many sleepless nights where I’ve often cried to Josh that we can’t have a baby and run a start-up (more on that in another blog post) at the same time. But for every negative comment that we’ve received, there have been 10 positive and encouraging messages from our customers and random strangers and those have been enough to keep us going.

But the biggest thank you of all belongs to the love of my life, who pushed me to follow through on what seemed like a ridiculous and lofty idea at the time and who is the backbone of this entire operation. My husband, who lifts me and Georgia up on his shoulders so that we can stand tall and feel safe and truly anchored.

Till next time Sprout Mamas!